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About Us

Dry Cleaned Shirts

Henry founded Culpepper Cleaners in San Antonio in 1937 with the soul mission of providing San Antonians with the highest quality dry cleaning services in the area. His son Richard Allan Culpepper joined him in 1949, becoming the second generation of the family-run business. Richard and Nancy’s son Jess joined the business in 1978 as the third generation family member. Since then, three other family members have followed in the time-honored tradition of joining the business; Mickey Walker in 1990 (Richard’s son-in-law), Jo Anne (Jess’ wife) in 1994 and Terri Culpepper Walker (Richard’s daughter and Mickey’s wife) in 1995.




The family opened two other locations, one on Broadway in 1980 and another at NW Military Highway in 1990. The Callaghan location opened in 1969 and serves as the dry cleaning and laundry plant.

Certified Garment Care Professional

Jess Culpepper is a Certified Garment Care Professional (CGCP). This certification is given to those who have passed three exacting and comprehensive examinations.

  • CED - Certified Environmental Drycleaner

  • CPD - Certified Professional Drycleaner

  • CPW - Certified Professional Wetcleaner

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